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Ujima Wellness and Rehab

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Wellness is the integration of the various dimensions of well-being. It is your ability to live the life you want to live. We are here to help you identify the resources and support you during your journey.


Interested in losing weight, getting healthy, improving your function,  addressing your pain, or managing a diagnosis? Call us! We can help!


Join us for great fellowship. Drop by anytime or check our event calendar.


Join us for financial literacy and home ownership classes. Check our event calendar. 


We provide literacy (reading) services in partnership with Impact Therapy. Call us today!!


In partnership with the Greater Realness Cathedral, our partners can provide the spiritual support needed for building connections.


Join us for community decisions about home and community safety. Check our event calendar.


In partnership with Shoulders of Strength and the Greater Realness Cathedral, our partners can provide the support that you need during this season of life.


Need guidance about reskilling or upskilling for your current or future job/career? Call us today!

Wellness and Rehab Staff

Speech Language and Communicative Sciences services including literacy assistance
provided in partnership with
Impactful Pediatric and Adult Therapy, LLC. 

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